Vitality IP advises clients in all stages of protecting their technology. Working with our clients, we devise intellectual property strategy, identify inventions, conduct invention disclosure meetings, perform pre-filing search and draft patent applications. We file patent applications both nationally in the USPTO and internationally through foreign associates.

Vitality IP overseas prosecution of patent portfolios to allowance or through the appeal process and beyond before the USPTO and other patent offices including the EPO, JPO, SIPO and KIPO.





Trademarks and service marks represent a significant investment of a business. Vitality IP counsels clients on trademark selection and clearance issues and conducts trademark registration and prosecution on behalf of clients.





Vitality IP advises clients on copyright law in relation to the client's intellectual property strategy. 



  • Vitality IP Assisted a major medical device manufacturer with revenues in excess of $500 million dollars a year. Vitality IP counseled the manufacturer in securing patent rights in an area of technology facing hostile legal landscape.
  • managed and prosecuted a client’s patent portfolio in the area of internet security and mobile device authentication software successfully obtaining several patents for the client. 
  • Assisted a patent owner with overcoming a difficult 101 rejection, which prior counsel had not been able to overcome in nearly six years of prosecution
  • Assisted an inventor in obtaining patent rights for a refrigeration system with application for commercial and residential refrigeration
  • Assisted an inventor in obtaining patent rights for a combination cutting device
  • Assisted a company in obtaining allowance for a patent application covering an innovative utility box enclosure
  • Assisted an early-stage start-up company run by a former VP of a major semi-conductor manufacturer in obtaining patent rights for an innovative travel-size ultra-efficient battery pack and charger device.
  • Assisted an early-stage start-up in securing patent rights for a high quality stereo audio speaker. 
  • Assisted a software company focused on providing productivity tools to businesses in securing the ownership of their intellectual property and properly responding to patent office rejections. Prior counsel had failed to appropriately respond to the PTO rejections and as a result the company’s patent application was stalled at the PTO. Vitality IP filed the appropriate responses to restore the application in its proper course of prosecution. Vitality IP also assisted the client in establishing proper assignment of patent rights and chain of title from inventors to the company.